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End of the Season Tourney Recap - Tough Fishing - a Great Experience

The Last two tournaments of the year held big opportunity and as I have learned even bigger challenges. The fishing at the 3rd and final Central Open was really pretty good during pre-fish.  A Texas cold front blew through and I really didn't think it would disturb the fish that I had found - but it disturbed them a lot.  I am not all that familiar with getting 'skunked' and I don't plan on getting used to it!  1/3 of the pros at the tournament got skunked and we all looked like someone had hit us with a stun gun.  The Texoma angling was really tough - but as it usually plays out, someone finds fish and brings them in.  All the credit in the world to the guys and gals that were able to get limits.  I learned a lot and will work on my back up plans for the future.


The Federation Nation National Championships was an absolutely incredible event. Even though I didn't do as well as I had hoped I was honored to represent Washington State and compete at that level with a bunch of fantastic anglers.  My buddy from Idaho - Brandon Palenuik - won the entire thing as well as a trip to the Classic and an Elite Series invitation and a brand new boat!  He is a great guy, a great angler and I wish him all the best in New Orleans in February and throughout the season.  He really did a great job. 


My fish were there, but once again as the cold blew in they started to get tight lipped and just gave me fits.  I knew they were there and I guess they knew I was there too!  One of these days I am going to hammer those green monsters on the Red River!


These were great experiences and I can honestly say I did everything I could in preparation and feel good that I had the opportunity to compete on these big stages.  I'll be back!!!

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