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BASS Southern Opens Completed with Solid Finish - Ranked 17th In Pro Field for 2015 Season

This has been my best professional career to date.  My Alabama fishing time and training has really paid off. There is nothing like time on the water to make you a better angler.  It's like any sport - golf, tennis, basketball, etc.  the more time you spend the better you get at it.  This was my 5th year of fishing the Bassmaster Opens.  I have been blessed to experience some success along the way, but the key to moving higher in the rankings is consistency.  Last week I finished 28th on Lake Seminole for the third and final event of the Bassmaster Southern Opens. I was really satisfied with that finish because I had never been on Lake Seminole in Georgia before.  I practiced hard, used all of the resources allowable and in the end figured out a secure and stable pattern that produced secure and stable results and a pay check for my efforts.

The best part as you can see in the photo was having my support team with me for the whole week.  My wife Jessica and 2 year old son Zeke helped me every step of the way.  Zeke loves the "Bassmasters" and already wants his own Bassmaster shirt!  I am pretty sure he thinks he is the one weighing in, and in many ways he is!  

With that finish I ended up ranked 17th in the Southern Opens point totals.  My best season finish ever and a little closer to Elite Angler qualification.  I am happy with that and thankful for everything that I have.  Fishing is a great foundation for building a happy life.  Even if you don't compete and just do it for fun you learn something new every day.....Just like life!  

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