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Joey Nania Speaks to Duran Junior High School - 8th graders School Bass Club has 25 eager students who love the outdoors!

Pell City, Alabama; Duran Junior High – Joey enjoys working with young people who share his love for fishing and the outdoors.  He recalls his own experience and how much he enjoyed the visit at Duran Junior High.


“I was recently invited to a local middle school fishing club in my new home town Pell City, Alabama. Any time I get invited to speak to a school fishing team across the state of Alabama I jump at the opportunity! The growth of high school fishing has been incredible over the past three years. With my background in the Junior Bassmaster Events there is nothing that makes me feel more positive about the future of bass fishing than the thousands of students that are pumped up to compete in bass tournaments. This change in the industry should lead to continued growth and a growing respect for Bass Fishing as a true competitive and athletic sport!


When I arrived I was blown away at the size of the club and the true enthusiasm they had for fishing. They where eager to learn and excited that I was there to share some of my knowledge about bass fishing. We talked about some of the seasonal patterns pertaining to the lakes in our area. They also seemed to enjoy it when I began to pitch my jig up under their chairs! One thing that I loved to see is that it was not just boys in the group there where also young ladies some of which you could tell knew their stuff and have spent some serious time on the water. I was definitely impressed and I am so excited about the growth of the sport I love at the youth, college, and professional level.


Now more than ever professional anglers, me included, truly need to be role models for these kids that are looking up to us as we chase little green and brown fish all across the country! I can’t wait for my next invite to another group of like minded students!”


Joey Nania


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