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Night Fishing Tournaments Keeps You Sharp and Is A Ton of Fun!

Did you ever try night fishing? You need to do that!  It is a little scary at first but once you figure out where you are it can be a lot of fun.  And it is a great way to keep your senses sharp just feeling for that big bite.  Recently I entered a local night tournament with a friend of mine from the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, Alabama.  We had a blast fishing together AND we won the tournament. Ok, not big money, we took home $200 more than we put in but what fun.  We had around 17 pounds of fish and caught a bunch.  There are some tricks to night fishing, but I will tell you that one of them is keeping the back lash out of your line.  The dark makes you pay close attention to that.  Not only that but in Alabama and all across the south it is much cooler to be fishing at night than it is during the day!  Give night fishing a try - you might get addicted to it like me! :-) 

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