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Solid Pre-Fish for Joey Nania on Logan Martin Needs to Work on Improving His Boat Draw - #156 out of 167!

Pell City, AlabamaLoganMartinLake – May 16, 2013; After a great pre-fish on LoganMartinLake this week, Joey had hopes for an early number boat draw on tournament day one.  Ever since starting his pro career in 2010 Joey has had trouble with one part of his game…the boat draw.  In his first pro tournament he was boat number 200 out of 200 because his name got lost in the computer. Although in that tournament, a Bassmaster Central Open event on LakeAmistad, Joey came in tied for first place after day one and finished 9th, his second best pro finish!  Ever since then his boat number in the random draw have been problematic.


Joey on the draw, “Actually I think it might be a blessing in disguise.  I have some bed fish located, but also have a ton of other productive water to get to.  This gives me a really long day to catch the fish that I would need to win and sometimes bed fishing can distract you from better numbers in other more productive areas.”  Unfortunately of all the things you can control in tournament fishing the boat draw is not one of them!


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