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Winter Springs, FL Angler Daniel Lanier Stuns Southern Open Field with 27lb 11oz Bag on Day One - Leads by over 9 pounds Joey Nania – Weighs In Middle of Packed Pack Sings National Anthem for Launch Crowd

Joey Nania – Weighs In Middle of Packed Pack

Sings National Anthem for Launch Crowd


Kissimmee, FloridaLakeToho; January 31-February 1; Daniel Lanier of Winter Springs, Florida had a fantastic day one on LakeToho to lead the 198 pro field by over 9 pounds after day one.  Even though the weather had cooled considerably frustrating many of the anglers Lanier managed 5 very good bites to bring in the biggest catch of the day.  


Joey Nania, 95th place with 7lbs 4oz, had a slow start to the fishing day, “The lock was packed and crazy going out of Toho, but I caught a keeper right away from my first spot.  Then things went dead until about 1:00 when I got on something that I think will help a lot on day two.  I caught my 4 pounder (see attached weigh in photo) right at the end of the day, and I have located several better fish that I think I can get to for day two.”  There are 50 anglers with between 7 and 10 pounds.  Toho has a reputation for big fish and one big one can rocket an angler into contention.  


Singing:  Joey has become known on the tournament trail as quite a singer. Singing the national anthem for the PAA last year.  This year Chris Bowes, BASS Senior Tournament Director, offered Joey the mike to sing the national anthem for day 1 and 2 launch. (See attached day two launch photo from  Chris Bowes at day one weigh in commented, “Joey, I have to say you blew me away with your rendition of the national anthem and the prayer you offered.  That was really great.”  Joey replied, “The singing is easy, I hope the fishing gets that easy too!”  Later on in the weigh in Bowes related Joey’s singing with Casey Ashley, Elite angler and country singer.  Casey, “Yeah I didn’t know who was singing it but he did a great job. I sing to the fish sometimes and I think that helps.”  


Day two weigh in starts at 3:00 EST and is streamed live on  Only the top 12 go on to day three.  

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