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Coloring Contest Winners Are...JD, Sydney, Jason, Julia, Rusty!!!! Thanks to all who entered!

Thanks to all the kids who entered our first ever coloring contest.  The entries were all great! A lot of work went into every submittal and we hope those of you that didn't send in your artwork had fun coloring anyway! We had a large panel of 14 people (including two kids) vote independently for their favorites and the top picks were JD from Kansas (age 13), Sydney from Arkansas (age 9), Jason from Houston (age 14), Julia from Houston (age 12) and Brandon from Missouri (age 5). 


To all winners, your T-shirts are in production right now so give us a couple of weeks and you should receive them soon.  Please take a look at our gallery to see a sample of the entries.  Pictured here is the top choice of the judges which was done by JD (13) from Kansas.  Great, intense colors!!! Nice job JD!

Thanks and keep fishin'.



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