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Early Season Update on Tournaments and Promotions

BASS Central Open #1 – LakeLewisville– Tough Fishing 

Launch of – Kid’s Coloring Contest 

Bass Pro Shops – Free Boat Show Work


February 22, 2012 – The tournament and promotional season is young and many opportunities lie ahead.  Joey reports, “I am optimistic about everything.  My new Nitro Z-8 with Merc 225 Pro XS is an amazing boat. (Attached photo was featured on and is Joey “on the water” of LakeLewisville) The first couple tournaments of the year have been some of the toughest fishing I have ever experienced but I am continuing to learn with every tournament and with every day on the water.” 
BASS Central Open #1 Lake Lewisville, Texas– As Tough as it Gets! (I hope)
To say the fishing was tough is a major understatement. Joey and 1/3 of the 178 pro angler field were blanked on both days one and two.  Of the final top 12 pros 8 of them were blanked.  “There just wasn’t any pattern.  I caught two fish in 5 days of practice, one 2 pounder and one 5 plus, but couldn’t find a repeat pattern.  I threw everything I had in every spot I knew of but came up empty handed.” The tournament was won in exciting form by Elite Series pro Brent Chapman.  He went into a fish off against …..who had 18 pounds, all caught on day one. “I said I am learning but maybe this is one of those tournaments that is so unique it is hard to learn much accept that the fish, in February on Lake Lewisville are tough to come by!” – Launches Kid’s Coloring Contest (see attached)
We are excited to launch the first annual coloring contest for kids 14 and under.  Joey is handing out coloring pages at all promotional appearances. Interested kids can print more coloring pages on Joey’s website.  On the Contest Joey commented, “I wanted to do something especially for the kids. I really love visiting with them and their parents at all these promotional functions.” The five winners will receive an autographed t-shirt, and all of the entries will be posted to a special gallery on Joey’s website.  Please spread the word within your companies to get kids entering. 
Bass Pro Shops – Free Boat Show and Spring Fishing Classic Work
Joey on the promotional events, “I am excited and thankful to the folks at Bass Pro Shops/Nitro boats to be working at a number of Bass Pro Shops this season as part of their Free Boat Show and Spring Fishing Classic Programs. This is a great opportunity to meet consumers, do seminars and demonstrate my sponsor products. The feedback has been great and I love meeting the public at these shows.  So far I have worked in the Leeds and Prattville stores and will be traveling to stores in Auburn, New York;Harrisburg, PA;Foxborough, MA; and Savannah, GA.” 
Next Up – The Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo!
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