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Table Rock Cancelled Due to Rain and Flooding - Amazing Water! Wild Ride Home with God's Protection!

Joey had a good solid pre-fish going on Table Rock Lake even though a good part of it was spent in monsoon like rainstorms.  "Even as the water was rising I was finding good fish.  About 10 minutes before I was notified of the postponement I caught a 6 plus pounder.  The water came up 20 feet and at one point I was fishing along and noticed some wierd yellow lines and arrows under my boat in about 6 feet of water.  Then I realized that I was fishing in a parking lot!" 


Joey continued, "I really couldn't believe the amount of rain that fell.  something like 11 inches.  I was camping most of the time and my Bass Pro Shops tent kept me dry at night through some of the biggest thunder and lightening storms I have ever seen.


Little did I know that my drive back to Cropwell was also going to be a challenge.  It was on that Thursday that over 300 tornados were spawned in Missouri and Alabama.  As I was driving home I dodged three tornados.  I called my dad and he got my position on a weather map at that had doplar radar.  He could see the storm cells as I was seeing debris falling from the sky because I was on the back edge of two tornados.  I tried to pull over under a couple of over passes but they were full of cars.  My dad advised me to keep driving because it looked like the storms had passed my position.  The next challenge was getting to Birmingham as he could see a huge dark spot nearing Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I could see it off to the Southwest too.  It looked horrible.  He had me keep driving rather than stopping and taking cover.  Good thing because I would have been a sitting duck in the path of the big twister that killed so many people.  I made it to my friend Rick's house and took cover. 


I was truly blessed and protected by God that day and had an amazing experience that I will never forget. 


I really would have liked to fish that tournament but I can understand why the decision was made to postpone. B.A.S.S. and the Corp of Engineers wanted to protect everyone in these unusual conditions and did the right thing."


Joey's next tournament will be the PAA #2 back on Table Rock later in June. 

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